About Us

My baby girl was born in April of 2015. I couldn't see myself heading back into teaching right after she was born. Talking with other stay at home moms about what they did for income I came across a friend with an Etsy shop. She gave me the idea and has helped me create and start my shop.

Since I enjoy creating so much I decided to open my own shop. As my shop grew and grew, my family members have joined Little Lulu's as well!   We are very blessed to be able to do what we love and have fun while doing it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and visit my shop!

Little Lulu's Gifts Team


  • Lulu's Gifts

    Owner, Marketer

    I am an Elementary School Teacher and a new mom who loves to create and try new things. Enjoy!!

  • Lulu


    Baby Model

  • Scott

    Book Keeper, Assistant

    My loving husband who will help anytime I need it.

  • Jessica

    Marketer, Designer, Assistant

    Jessica has helped from the start to get this shop up and running and continues to help with questions, shipping, shopping and whatever else the shop needs.

  • Anita

    Assistant, Creator, Designer

    Anita has her own studio where she creates many custom blinds, pillows and more. She also helps with Embroidery:)

  • Amy

    Photographer, Designer

    Amy has her own photography business in Colorado is an excellent photographer. Her skills are an asset to the shop!